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About Us

Our company strives to provide relief to those living with stress, agony, and insomnia due to bed bug infestations. The founders of this company were determined to create a product that actually works because they were experiencing severe problems with bed bugs themselves. Co-founder, Glen Nelson, owned an apartment building that had become overrun with these pests; after spending over $100,000 in fumigation and chemical techniques to eradicate them, they still had not been defeated. One tenant tried to remedy the problem herself by pouring alcohol on her mattress; In a very sad and unfortunate turn of events, she lit a cigarette which ignited a fire within the building. Devastated at what had occurred, Nelson engaged a team of seasoned professional researchers and product developers to find a cure for the bed bug epidemic. Together, they created the one-of-a-kind microfiber that we employ today. It is our mission to provide relief to those suffering due to these pests and work towards the further advancement of our traps to control and abate bed bugs and other insects that plague everyday life.