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Simple. Cheap. Non-Toxic.

Simple Setup

Without any harmful chemicals or complicated steps, our patented microfiber pads trap these invasive bugs, helping to gauge the level of infestation and aid in their eradication.


Low cost

Not only is the simple design unobtrusive, its cost is made to match it.


Chemical free and safe

By not relying on dangerous chemicals and poisons, FIBERTRAP is safe and effective around children and pets.

The cost of bedbugs is staggering, their elimination should be painless.

Witness the results

FIBERTRAP’S mechanical microfibers attract, trap, and kill these bugs, giving an accurate indication of the scale of infestation as well as aiding in their eradication.


The safe eliminator

FIBERTRAP is a green company, manufacturing all traps with recyclable materials. Free of poisons and harmful chemicals, FIBERTRAP products are safe in any environment.


Get the job done

FIBERTRAP is simple, inconspicuous, and easy to use; Most importantly, it gets the job done.