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 by Chris

Works great

 by Troy, Industry Sales

I have purchased some of your traps for clients of mine in NYC. The client does not wish to be named, but I will tell you that it is the owner of a number of class A office buildings.
The client was able to identify and pinpoint a bedbug outbreak quickly and they are extremely happy.
I will be offering and advising my clients to use the traps for detection and monitoring.

 by Mike

The Fibertraps worked great! We were a little unsure if we had a bedbug problem, so we got these and placed them all
over our bedroom and our childrens two bedrooms. The traps caught a few in our bedroom and luckily they didnt
spread to our boy's bedrooms. It took about a week to get the exterminator to come out and I would say the Fibertraps
definitely kept the infestation at bay and I would say is the reason it didnt spread. Great product and I would recommend

 by Green Shield Pest Control Kingston, Canada

During Greenshield Pest Control’s trial implementing the Fiber Trap (bed bug monitor), our technicians found it to be a successful effective system to monitor bed bugs. Greenshield recommends this product and feel it is superior to the ones we had previously been using. We intend to use this monitor for services in the future and highly recommend it to other professionals. Like all the products DLine offers it is a superior pest control device that has been well constructed and fulfills its unique purpose.

 by Eva J.

I have discovered bed bugs in my bedroom back in July 2018 .In August I had 2 professional treatments done which Iam sure helped a lot but didn’t eradicate bb problems for good .So since then I have decided I need to try different methods .I did use some spray ,glue trap ,interceptors ,encasment .I did deep vacuuming and weekly bedding laundry and used steamer for my clothes .Still was getting bitten at least 5 times a day .

Recently I was introduced to fibertraps and I wanted to give it a try .Place then under my bed (I should mention I took interceptors off to lure bb) ,under the couch and in the corners of the entire apartment .

I know for sure that I am being bitten less and less since I put fibertraps out .I know my bites .So I believe fibertraps do work  .I am not getting any bites in bed now .Last time I got bitten more than a week ago (it didn’t happen in bed)and the bite was hardly visible .I strongly believe the population decreased .

I plan  using fibertraps as a monitor for bb  for a long time .

 by Mike Deutsch M.S., BCE, Urban Entomologist Arrow Exterminating
Field Test

I have installed these devices in homes with known bed bug activity.  After 72 hours, we examine the traps.  Bed bugs were identified in all traps.  The pheromone appeared to lure bed bugs into the traps.  The bed bugs were held in the trap by the fibrous material and were not able to escape.

 by David / Cornerstone NY

We had a beg bug issue in a room , we did our normal cleaning procedure plus we added fibertraps to the room. With the traps we were able to monitor and catch any remaining bugs that we missed cleaning.

Worked great and still using them to monitor any activity .

 by Bill Scully Sr

Recently, due to complaints of bedbugs in my Class A building, I purchased Fiber Traps to pinpoint the problem areas and eliminate them.  We began having these issues due to the insects being carried in by various tenants.

Since using the new protocol, we have determined where the problems were, and eradicated them almost immediately.  In addition to installing them in the problem areas, we discreetly put them in surrounding spaces to preclude their becoming rampant.  We are very happy with the results, as well as with the ease of use, the low price, and with not having to use chemical applications to address any complaints.

As someone who has been in Facilities and Property Management in Commercial, Institutional, and Retail properties for over 25 years, I was frankly amazed and impressed with the results!  I plan on using Fiber Traps to help with any other problems that arise, as well as a preventive maintenance protocol.

 by Steve A

I am the property manager of a residential cooperative apartment complex with over 1,600 units in upper Manhattan.  Over the past year we have encountered some units with bed bugs while performing upgrades throughout the property.  Our normal protocol is to immediately treat the subject unit as well as the units above, below to the left and to the right of the subject unit.  This means for every unit that has been tested positive for bedbugs we incur the expense of treating 4 additional units. Time is a major factor in treating bed bugs because of their ability to spread rapidly, and we have found that the time spent testing the neighboring apartments for bed bugs can be critical, so the decision was made to just incur the cost and treat the neighboring apartments immediately.

I found out about Fiber Trap by doing an internet search and I decided to see if we could get out in front of the bed bugs and more importantly reduce the cost for treating for bed bugs.  We installed the Fiber Traps as a preventative measure and we have our staff check the traps frequently.  As soon as a trap comes back with evidence of bed bugs we treat that unit immediately, but we do not have to incur the cost of treating the neighboring units if the traps in those units are clean.  As a result of this new procedure we have seen a significant reduction in our exterminating cost for the year. 

Fiber Trap works! It worked for me, and it saved my company money!  Thank you!

 by Louis Sorkin

"....Many PMPs, PCOs, BCEs, and the general public have field tested FiberTrap and reported positive results; I've been contacted on several occasions about how well the product works. In a world that is slowly moving away from the use of chemicals/poisons, this new technology is non-toxic, easy to use, and safe in all environments. I feel strongly that it is a most effective monitor/trap for today's market and one that should be in every technicians toolbox."

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