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PMP Partnerships

FiberTrap is PMP friendly, we work together with many pest management operators and professionals; Our team is always available to help and answer your technicians’ questions.

  1. PMPs receive bracket pricing based upon volume.
  2. Placement and use is easily applicable and time efficient, you do not need to lift furniture or bulky items to install the traps.
  3. Your technicians can enroll establishments (hotels/hospitals/assisted living/schools/public transit, etc.) in FiberTrap’s preventative maintenance program and service their properties as soon as our product catches a bed bug.
  4. FiberTrap works as a monitoring system for pre and post treatment for your technicians to show the client their eradication methods removed the infestation.
  5. FiberTrap products are non-toxic, safe in all environments, and easily disposable.

Interested in partnering with FiberTrap? Email and one of our experts will contact you shortly.

FiberTrap has created a national affiliation network of pest management professionals to refer remediation service business to those within our network when landlords who use our product find bed bugs in their properties. If you’d like to become a part of our network at no cost please fill out the application below!

Affiliation Network Application